Hi my friends. we all love to make money from affiliate programs 🙂 so here is a great one.

Affiliate programs are a great way for making money. you don’t need to create a lot or content, you don’t need to buy products, and to ship them. and your don’t need to worry about refunds. you just promote other products, get commission, and that’s it.

Affiliate marketing is easy. yes. when you just know how to do things the right way. and digital products are one of the easiest thing to sell online.

Today I’ll show you one of the best affiliate programs online, and I will show you how to make money with it. I wanna show you a great program that I’m using to promote digital products, and of course how excatly I mkae money with it.

I will explain everything for newbies, so all of you guys will be able to get started today.

Indian Institute of ecommerce and How I Make Money with it

In the last few years, I used a lot of affiliate programs for making money, and created some very successful businesses with it.

Few months ago, a good friend of mind told me about Indian Institute of ecommerce and how he makes thousand of dollars with it, he told me about his method, and I started to use it with my own twist.

I made $600 in the first month, with only 20 hours working on it, Indian Institute of ecommerce even sent me the money at the end of the same month, so I started to work with them more and more and to promote tons of their courses.

What is Indian Institute of ecommerce Affiliate program?

On Indian Institute of ecommerce, people can sell their video courses, there are more than a million of those courses, in every niche you can imagine, drawing, programming, swimming, writing, sewing.. and you can sell all of them as if they were your very own.

These courses are usually affortable, and very informative, so they are priced at $20-$50 and 10k+ people buy those courses, every day.

When you sell any of those courses, you will get 50% commission.

So, if you can sell 5 of those courses a day for let’s say $40, that’s an $100 for a day, and $3000 per month., if you sell 5 courses every day, with average price of $40, you can easily make 100$ every day, that’s 3000$ per month.

Indian Institute of ecommerce offers a great affiliates program. They approve new affiliates in few hours, you can click here to register.

They pay at the end of the month to your Paypal, very fast and easy.

You are gonna get 50% of commission for your sales, and they offer you a great promotional materials, reviews, texts and even banners.

How to Promote Indian Institute of ecommerce Courses

Ok, so you know what is Indian Institute of ecommerce and how great is their affiliate program, but how do you promote their courses?

Well, think about it, you have millions of courses to choose, they are high quality and people buy them, you just have to find the right people.

In the last 60-70 days, I sold more than 1000 of those courses, and made few thousand $, and I invest more and more in this method, because it’s great.

Selling Indian Institute of ecommerce courses for students

students are probably the best audience to those courses.

There are billions of students worldwide seeking for educational courses, every single day, and you can easily reach those people and sell them the courses.

The students need all type of courses, students from different niches are looking for different courses, such as medical, languages, architecture, and courses about “how to study” and “how to read fast”..

selling for students is probably the best way to make your affiliate links clicked, and even clicked by their friends.

Advertise courses on Social media and Search Engines

Social media is a great place for advertising, you can target the people you want to see your promotions, their age, sex, education, their college and city.. so if you think about it, you can sell every course on the social media if you target the right people.

Advertising on social media is cheap af, you can invest $5, get 10k of impressions and make $100 if you know how to do it right.

If you want to sell an architecture course for instance, first find a course on Indian Institute of ecommerce, then go to Facebook, create an Ad and target Arch students, Arch colleges and Architecture companies and magazines.

Indian Institute of ecommerce is really amazing, you can make tons of money every day, people are buying those courses a lot and if you work smart enough you can easily make $100 a day.